How will I get to Jeju Island?

All except a few (who will fly directly from China) will fly via Seoul to Jeju.  In Seoul, you will change airports to board a domestic flight to Jeju Island.

What do I need to know about connecting to Jeju from Seoul?

You would need to take an airport bus from outside of Incheon Airport in Seoul to Gimpu Airport in Seoul to take a domestic flight to Jeju.  The flight itineraries would have already been sent to you for confirmation and issuance of tickets.  Information on this connection will also be sent (if not already sent) to you together with your e-tickets.

  • There is change of airports in Seoul for your trip.
  • Upon arrival at Incheon airport you will have to take an internal airport train to immigration terminal.
  • After going through immigration you will arrive at baggage collection hall.
  • After collecting your bags you will have to take bus to Gimpo airport where you will check in again for Jeju.
  • Meet and greet service has been arranged for you at all airports in Korea if you are arriving on 17th June. They will help you with your transfers including handing you your bus ticket for the airport transfer.
  • Please note that you may bring only up to 20kg of luggage for your connecting flight to Jeju
Can I claim reimbursement for some expenses incurred for this trip?

Visa and In-Transit Expense Reimbursement

CWM will reimburse delegates’ visa and travel expenses incurred in transit during their journey to and from home to Jeju Island. Invoices/expenditure receipts must be provided as auditors have asked that we strictly adhere to this policy.

Member churches are kindly requested to offer assistance where needed to delegates for local travel to and from home airport.  CWM will cover expenses from home airport to Jeju and back to home airport.  Kindly note that CWM will not, for this event, cover cost of travel from home to airport on either way.  CWM is grateful for the significant contributions made by delegates and member churches to the overall cost of this assembly by taking care delegate’s local travel.

Claimable expenses (visa and In-transit costs)  should be listed on the form (provided in the delegate pack) with invoices/receipts attached and passed to the CWM’s Accountants during the Assembly. The primary cash currency for expense reimbursement will be US dollars.

Due to physical limitations of cash held on site, CWM cannot provide cash of more than US$200. CWM will only reimburse actual expenditure supported by receipts and will not reimburse “per diem” (daily rates) as done by some organisations. It is understood that some delegates will also incur expenditure on their journey home for which they will not yet have receipts and delegates may therefore include specific items of expenditure known to be necessary for the journey home on their reimbursement form, but no “per diem” type estimates should be included as they will not be paid.

Forms and receipts should be paid on time to prevent delays; announcements will be made when expense reimbursements are ready for collection.

Announcements will be made for delegates of the respective group churches to collect their reimbursements at scheduled times. For receipts not attached to forms, or any queries related to the forms – these will be processed separately. Queries will then be raised privately with the individual or group at a designated time; reimbursements will be issued at a later time than other delegates.

Why do I need to arrive by 17th June if Assembly starts on 19th?

While the official programme starts on the 19th with the opening worship, there is an exposure day, which is also part of the programme, on 18 June.

What will my day be like on 18th June?

It will be a whole day of exposure to 3 venues in Jeju with lunch and dinner along the way.  The 3 venues will provide us with an appreciation of South Korea’s history and culture.

What is my role at the Opening Worship Service?

You will make a grand entrance into the auditorium, marching with the other delegate from your church bearing your church's and country's flag.

Then,unless otherwise assigned, you will be seated with the rest of the worshippers.  So come with an open and prepared heart to meet with the Lord and celebrate the fellowship in this partnership of churches.

What do I need to know about the two cultural nights on 21st and 22nd June?

The first cultural night is a Korean Cultural night where there will be no preparation on your part.  Just enjoy and appreciate the Korean cultural performance.  For the 2nd cultural night, please remember to bring your traditional costume and regions are expected to give a short (10-15min) performance.  There will be time in the assembly for regions to get together to discuss and practise, where necessary.

How can I prepare myself for a busy schedule outside my usual time zone?

Spiritually, Prepare your heart and let the Lord do the rest!

For some practical tips:

  • Find out the time difference between your location and Korea
  • If you are able, begin to align your schedule now to match the Korean time as closely as it is feasible for you.  Basically you are trying to train your body to wake up and sleep like someone in Korea!  It is worth a try if your schedule permits.  Maybe adjust a couple hours at a time and keep increasing towards the travel date?
  • Keep well hydrated.  Somehow, water seems to sort our bodies out in more ways than the obvious ones. It's amazing.
  • Set one of your clocks to Korea time.  It will help with giving you perspectives.   Just make sure you remember to set your local appointments to the correct time zone, hah!
  • On the plane, try to rest and keep well hydrated.
  • When you arrive in Korea, do as the Koreans do.  Don't sleep when they are playing.  Sleep at sleep time!
  • Set your alarms! Even if you are a seasoned morning person, jetlag don't care.  Set your alarm to wake you up at the right Korean time when you land in Jeju.
  • Go all lights out.  When you arrive in Jeju, do all you can to help your body to fall asleep even when it is so wide awake you could run a marathon.  Go to sleep early, night owling on jetlag is not a good idea.  One way to help your body along is to do a bit of exercise to tire it out for a good sleep.
  • Keep active while the sun is out and rest when it's gone to sleep.  That works 99.9% of the time.
Will CWM give me pocket money for my out of pocket expenses during the assembly?

CWM regrets to state that no provision for pocket money will be made for the 250 people expected to be in attendance at this assembly. CWM will, however, cover the cost of all flights, visas, airport transfers, accommodation, and all meals during the assembly. You are advised to bring your own personal spending money if you wish to do some shopping along the way. There will be some opportunities in transit, and possibly during the exposure visit to buy some personal souvenirs.

Who will be my room mate?

There will be a sorting hat.  Okay, maybe not a sorting hat, but you will be informed at registration when you arrive.  All care is being taken towards good matches.

I have special dietary/medical needs. Who should I talk to about this?

You can make this known to the travel team.  Where every effort will be made to meet your medical needs, this will be dependent on food availability in the hotel.  We seek your understanding on this.

You may have already stated this on your Travel information Form.  Our travel team received 250 of these. They are amazing, but wouldn't hurt to send an email to check on your request.