The 2016 General Assembly of Council for World Mission elected a slate of 12 Board Members on Wednesday June 22 in accordance with the new governance structure for the organization.

The newly-elected board members representing all of the regions of CWM are:


Rev Mukondeleli Ramulondi

Ms Boitshoko Dudu Molatlhegi


Mr. Delon Grandison

Mrs. Rose Wedderburn


Rev. Barbara Bridges

East Asia

Ptr Janet Ka Chung Ng

Rev Changbae Byun

South Asia

Dr. Elizabeth Zachariah


Rev Tafue Lusama

Mrs. Jennifer Flett

In addition to the Board of Directors, a Board of Trustees of Council for World Mission (UK) was elected following the presentation of a slate of 6 persons, two of whom were independent.  The elected trustees are:

Rev Mukondeleli Ramulondi (Africa)

Mrs. Rose Wedderburn (Caribbean)

Dr. Victor Hsu (independent -E. Asia)

Rev. Jeffrey Williams (Independent – Europe)

Dr. Elizabeth Zachariah (South Asia)

Mrs. Jennifer Flett (Pacific)

In 2014 Council of Directors of CWM voted in favour of a resolution for a change in the governance structure which would allow a separation of the roles of directors and members. There the decision was made for a board of 12 directors regionally represented whose task is to ensure that CWM is faithful to its charitable objects.  The process of nomination began in regions and progressed with the guidance of the Nominations Committee who presented a slate of 10 persons from the region’s nominees to the Assembly following the election of the first two members of the Board – the Moderator Rev. D.C. Haia Darnei and the Treasurer, Mr. John Ellis.

Addressing the Assembly after the presentation of the Boards, the new Moderator reminded those present that ‘Healing: Hope in Action’ takes place in our individual places and spaces and asked for the support of the Assembly noting “we need your wisdom, experience and advice.”


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