Assembly venue for most of the meetings

The Crystal Ballroom

Lotte Hotel Jeju

The main venue for the Assembly is Lotte Hotel Jeju, a 45 min ride from the Jeju International Airport.

The Crystal Ballroom will be where most of the Assembly programme will take place. Outside of the Crystal Ballroom will be the official CWM Information centre; available during programme break times for issues related to Assembly meetings such as reimbursements, lost & found and local information. Delegates may also use the CWM info centre for internet access and checking of emails.

The opening worship venue

The opening worship venue

Seong An Church

Our inaugural worship will take place at Seong An church, which has a 1,500 capacity and runs several services on the weekend.

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

Exposure Visits

Featured in the picture is ‘Cheonjiyeon Waterfall’ one of the attractions planned for the exposure visits; other places planned include:

  • Seonimgyo Bridge is an arched pedestrian bridge on Jeju Island built over Cheonjeyeon Waterfall. It has seven nymphs carved on both sides; the nymphs which are playing musical instruments symbolize the Korean legend of the descent of seven beautiful nymphs from heaven at night. Around the bridge, there are Cheonjeru, traditional Korean towers.
  • Jeju Museum of War History and Peace
  • Jeju International Peace Centre