Rev D.C.Haia Darnei, the newly elected CWM Moderator was ordained in Presbyterian Church of India (PCI) in 1987. He is married to Rohluopuii and they have two daughters. He translated the Bible from English/Greek to Biate language and it was published in 2005 and revised in 2015. As Moderator of CWM he hopes to work together with member churches and the secretariat ‘to do great things for human kind and creation.’ He hopes to tap the wisdom and experience of senior members. He hopes to harness the enthusiasm and energy of the youth to build a better world. to love and care for all, using women as a model.

Mr John G Ellis, the newly elected Treasurer is an Elder and the Moderator of the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church (URC). He is single. He is also the Treasurer of the URC which commands an investment portfolio of one hundred and fifty million pounds. He has worked in the Bank of England in International Finance with a focus on the two thirds world. His work as a financial regulator took him around the globe. In his role as CWM Treasurer, he is committed to six specific areas:

  1. Absolute financial integrity.
  2. Ensuring high quality technical financial systems.
  3. Working closely with staff while recognising his is an Assembly appointment and therefore also brings independence.
  4. Ensure financial flows follow CWM priorities and do not drive or distort them.
  5. Staying alert to the need for priorities and processes to reflect Christian financial ethics.
  6. Not to seek a reputation for saying ‘no’ but to finding ways to say ’yes’ to the most important matters.

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