From 14 th -17 th June, before the CWM Assembly began, the youth delegates and stewards met together at a Pre-assembly also held in Jeju. It was a blessed time of joy, friendship, sharing, worship and, above all else, work! The young people spent time in sessions considering the Assembly theme; the stewards underwent orientation and training sessions during which time the youth delegates considered their nomination to the Board of Directors. Having done all of that, the whole group dreamt of a future Youth Forum that will engage young people to consider themes around the church and responding to social justice and helping to develop young disciples.

Responding to the theme

Having talked about what the theme meant to them as individuals and having shared in depth about how their contexts differ and share similarities, the group was given space to respond which they did by way of a written statement, visual art, and music and drama. Each group performed exceptionally, giving expression in beautiful, creative, thoughtful and meaningful ways.

The written statement will be presented to the Assembly later in the week along with the presentations of the other creative responses and we are looking forward to hearing the full voice of the Youth Pre-Assembly on Wednesday!

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