It is 20 days before we gather for the Assembly in Jeju. The host church, The Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) is working hard to prepare to host us. We look forward to learning from their engagement with their particular contextual issues. The PCK Moderator’s welcome letter gives us a glimpse into the missional life of the PCK.

Also provided are some useful Korean phrases. Sisters and brothers, let us continue to pray and prepare for the Assembly.

I sinRev. Dr. Young Nam Chaicerely welcome you all, the officials and delegates attending the CWM, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I wish the grace of God be always upon your Council as you participate in efforts to enable the “Fullness of life through Christ, for all Creation”.

Our human community longs for God’s peace and justice more than ever before despite this being the age when we experience the best economic prosperity of human history. Although the Cold War ended in 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the war against terror and regional wars never seem to end. The millions of Syrian refugees arriving on the shows of Europe is an eloquent proof of this situation. More than half of humanity suffers from poverty and disease in the midst of tremendous global wealth. The people of the Korean peninsula are threatened by the ever present geopolitical crisis and division, and other conflicts due to rapid social change in the country.

The Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) has responded to the contextual crisis since 2012 by rolling out its theme “PCK Ecumenical Decade for Healing and Reconciling Life-Community“. At the same time, we have been praying for reconciliation with God, neighbors, and the created world since our 100th General Assembly last September whose theme was, “Lord, help us to reconcile!” As a part of these efforts, we developed the “70 days Movement of Prayer for Reconciliation and Peaceful Reunification of the National Community” for the 70th anniversary of our national liberation last year. We also jointly held the “Ecumenical Forum on Peace in Northeast Asia” with the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) right before the our 100th PCK assembly. We declared 2016 ‘Good Friday’ to be the day of the reconciliation through the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and had worship with 8,731 churches remembering the reconciliation that Jesus Christ achieved. In May we held the ordination of reconciliation at which ordained ministers pledged to live as reconcilers.

This understanding is deeply related to the theme of 2016 CWM Assembly, “Healing: Hope in Action”. This Assembly, will be held on the peaceful island of Jeju. We hope it will become an Assembly that witnesses true peace from heaven. I sincerely hope all of you become peaceful apostles who heal the wounds of the world and preach hope to the entire world, beginning in your local context. I wish you God’s grace, always and I welcome you!

Thank you very much.

Rev. Dr. Young Nam Chai

Moderator of the 100th General Assembly of Presbyterian Church of Korea


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