Prayer Requests

We are ten (10) days away from the Assembly. We are thankful for the Lord’s mercies thus far in the planning process. The travels towards Jeju have now began. In this final push towards the Assembly lets us pray for:

  • 10-11 June, Executive Meeting in Seoul
  • 13-16 June, Council Meeting, Ramada Hotel, Jeju
  • 15-16 June, Youth Assembly, M-Stay Hotel, Jeju
  • 17-24 June, Assembly, Lotte Hotel, Jeju
  • Journey mercies for all as we travel from various regions of the world
  • CWM and PCK staff attending to final details in preparation for the Assembly
  • For peace to return to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea after shooting at a student
  • For the wider Church and the United Church in PNG to respond with hope and healing during to this situation

Packing for Jeju

  • Weather will be warm and temperature will range between 24° to 17°C with light rain showers
  • One is advised to bring light cotton clothes and umbrella
  • CWM is providing raincoats so if you don’t bring an umbrella, you should be okay
  • Formal dress attire for church visit
  • Your country’s traditional dress for cultural night
  • Travel adaptor
  • Medication, if applicable
  • Flags of your country and your church, where applicable
  • One replica of your country’s national symbol/monument
  • You may want to bring small crafts bless others with
  • Do not carry bulky items nor have excess luggage as this will not be covered by CWM insurance
  • Do not carry items that are of sentimental value such that if lost or damaged are irreplaceable

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